2014-2015 Innovative Technology Grant Awards

Congratulations to the winners of the 2014-2015 Innovative Technology Grants!

Jessica Barker, Becky Florance, Jessica Iverson, Cathy Maxon, Lauren Keeton, and Barb Schwering, BESIC SPED, were awarded three iPad Mini’s and one Forte for their project to help Intermediate Center students meet their writing goals.

Nikki Burnett, BHS Science, was awarded a grant to purchase Vernier pH probes to study the chemistry of climate change and to integrate engineering into the science department.

Debbie Ellebracht, BESPC Music, was awarded an iPad to help integrate technology into her music classroom through hands-on learning.

Jamie Kauffman, BESIC Fourth Grade, was awarded two iPad Mini’s and keyboard covers to support the fourth grade writing standards.

April Kohrs, BESIC Third Grade, was awarded an iPad Mini to create a digital listening library.

Nicole Neil and Kathy Minden, BESPC Four-Year Old program, were awarded an iPad Mini and an iGuy case to provide supplemental instruction in the four-year old classroom.

Meghan Othick, BJHS/BHS Speech, received a grant to purchase an iPad Mini 2, case, and tripod mount for her project of self-assessment of communication skills through video recording.

Brenda Shawley, BJHS Physical Education, received a grant to integrate technology into physical education through the purchase and use of pedometers.

Betsy Ulrich, BESPC SPED, was awarded a grant to purchase a Viewfinder and reels to help support students that are struggling to learn their sight words.

Jana Wallen, Jen Herrington, Deanna Kessler-Miley, Barb Schwering, and Janey Wiseman, BESPC SPED, were awarded two iPad Mini’s, cases, and stylus to help the early childhood special education classrooms target early learning skills, communication skills, and fine motor skills.

[nggallery id=’75’] Not pictured – Nikki Burnett