Anti-Bullying Awareness Week

October 7- 13 is Anti-bullying Awareness Week across the state of Kansas.  By resolution, the Kansas State Senate and the Kansas State Board of Education have declared the first full week in October “Anti-Bullying Awareness Week.”  Our school district, like any school district, is not protected from incidents of bullying.  Our district has spent quite a great deal of time and effort to address bullying within our district.  Each school building teaches a curriculum based on character education which includes topics like respect for others, honesty, integrity, to name a few.  Any reported incident of bullying is treated seriously by district staff.  It is important that students be involved in prevention as much as our staff.  Students should not be idle bystanders and allow bullying to happen.  We need their help to stand up and say something.  Bullying is an issue that affects the whole community.  Please help us in our efforts against bullying.  Below is a link to general information about bullying.


  Bullying101.pdf (1.5 MiB)