Links for Students

Email and Data Storage:
Google Mail:  – Check/Read your student email account online.
Google Calendar: – Check your student calendars online
Google Documents:  – Manage your Google documents online.
PowerSchool:  – Parent and Student public PowerSchool portal.

Library Media Resources:
Destiny Library system:  – Access and search the district library catalog. 

College and Career Resources: 

Affordable College Online career fair guide: – Guide to navigating college career fairs.
Career Guide for Students with Disabilities:  – Finding career resources for students with disabilities.
Learn How To Become: – Online college and career tips and advice from help with writing resumes to searching for jobs.

Additional Resources:
Addiction Resource: – Online resources for helping understand and finding treatment for addiction. – Online resources provided by the US Department of Health and Human Services.
MapQuest .com

Research Links:
Internet Public Library
News Link
Writing Tips
Dictionary / Thesaurus
Find Law
History Net
U.S. Supreme Court
National Archives
Nation Master: – Online geographical and biographical map generator.