6th Grade Homework

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

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MS. JOHNSON'S LANGUAGE ARTS: Begin typing "Worthwhile Goal" Paper. No homework, done in class.

MRS. BURGGRAF'S READING: In class- MAP testing Homework- No homework
JORGENSEN MATH: Day 2 Introduction to Probability - Worksheet 13.1 Probability
MR. CURRIE'S 6TH SCIENCE: Newton's Law Stations/Research 2-liter rocket nose cone and fin design Bring Materials for 2-liter rocket construction for tomorrow No homework: done in class
MRS. KILE: Read p. 269-272 •wkst p. 28 & 33 •Italy, Rome map *NO HOMEWORK
KEYBOARDING: Practice keying from a hard copy. Typing Instructor >> Lesson TY is due Wednesday. No HW.

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