6th Grade Homework

Monday, January 22, 2018

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MS. JOHNSON'S LANGUAGE ARTS: Students will listen to 2 songs to try and find the meaning/message. Homework: 2 paragraphs about song

MRS. BURGGRAF'S READING: In class- The Internet of Things 3-4 main points and questions 1-4 pg 226 Homework- Finish assignment read free choice book due February 2nd.
JORGENSEN MATH: 7-8 Solving Percent Problems - P324 2-9, (10-20 even)
MR. CURRIE'S 6TH SCIENCE: Finish Bioplastics Write-Up: Due today 1/22/18 Ch. 6-1 pgs. 188-195 read aloud, outline notes and studyguide No homework: done in class
MRS. KILE: Review Game *HOMEWORK -Study for tomorrow's test
KEYBOARDING: Technique quiz. Practice keyboarding w/ Typing Instructor >> Lesson ASL; is due Wednesday.

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