7th Grade Homework

Monday, January 22, 2018

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INTRODUCTION TO SPANISH: Quiz P=1 on cognates. Book p. 5/C&D, 6,7&9/All >> Read & discuss. Turn in answers p. 6. Take notes on soy/soy de. Tarea= WB p.1 (all, due tomorrow at least six entries in each column.)

WORLD LANGUAGE EXPLORATION (WLEX): Collect Color W/S due today (Japanese). Listening, colors & conversation practice. Number study guide >> HW=Shell math W/S. Cultural information.

STUDIO 110 PRODUCTIONS: Special Rules Quiz. Use Animoto or My Simple Show. No HW.
MS. FE: Students will be keying in expository paper and completing edit assignments.
MR. SCOBY - FOUNDATIONS OF ALGEBRA: p.348-349: 8-25, 28, 30, 39-43

MR. SCOBY - MATH 7: Blue Book - p.170: 1-7
7TH: Chapter 9 test terms due in Seesaw extra credit due today
WORLD GEOGRAPHY: Packet #1 Due Tomorrow -- Map Review Activity

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