7th Grade Homework

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

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INTRODUCTION TO SPANISH: Ser quiz. Text p. 68-71 > vocabulary activities. Tarea= Text p. 73. Also study your vocabulary & flash cards. Quiz tomorrow on vocabulary!

WORLD LANGUAGE EXPLORATION (WLEX): Continue work on Foreign Language iMovie Project. Receive some "just in time" technical assistance w/ iMovie split screen & Ken Burns effects etc. No HW assigned unless you are behind on your research for this project. LAST DAY TO WORK ON THIS PROJECT IS 4/30.

STUDIO 110 PRODUCTIONS: Continue work on Long Movie project. LAST DAY TO WORK IS MONDAY 4/30. No HW.
MR. BAILEY'S READING: Project books should be complete by April 27. Projects are due on May 1. Students should read 20 - 30 minutes each evening from their project books.
WORLD GEOGRAPHY: Features of Europe Activity (In Class)

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