8th Grade Homework

Monday, January 22, 2018

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INTRODUCTION TO SPANISH: Quiz P=1 on cognates. Book p. 5/C&D, 6,7&9/All >> Read & discuss. Turn in answers p. 6. Take notes on soy/soy de. Tarea= WB p.1 (all, due tomorrow at least six entries in each column.)

WORLD LANGUAGE EXPLORATION (WLEX): Collect Color W/S due today (Japanese). Listening, colors & conversation practice. Number study guide >> HW=Shell math W/S. Cultural information.

STUDIO 110 PRODUCTIONS: Special Rules Quiz. Use Animoto or My Simple Show. No HW.
ALGEBRA 1: Section 7.9; #10 p. 339: 1-8,15-32; p. 341: 1-9(ST); p. 652: 50-65,68
Quiz TOMORROW, Tuesday 1/23

CONCEPTS OF PRE-ALGEBRA: Section 6.1; #10 p. 264: 1-15

PRE-ALGEBRA: Section 6.1; #10 p. 264: 1-23, 26
WEBB: Chapter 16 vocabulary and word search puzzle. Group 1 current science article Friday.
AMERICAN HISTORY: 1860 US Map Worksheet- Using three different colors, shade the states of the Confederacy, the slave states that stayed in the Union, and the free states of the Union at the start of the Civil War. Create a key along the left side of the map that shows what each color represents.
PATTERSON'S COMPUTER APPLICATIONS: Technique Quiz. Practice navigating a document using Option or Command w/ arrow keys. WD Project 00. Practice keyboarding w/ Typing Instructor >> 1st three lessons (through GH) are due Tuesday 1/30.

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