Technology Grants 2012-2013

Congratulations to the following teachers who are the winners of the 2012-2013 Innovative Technology Grants!

Nikki Burnett: BHS, LabQuest 2 to incorporate Vernier probes with the iPad Initiative.

ECSE Team: Early Childhood Special Education (PEP) consisting of Jennifer Herrington, Deanna Kessler-Miley, Janey Wiseman, Barb Schwering and Jana Wallen from BESPC, 1 iPad Mini and case to integrate technology in the early childhood Special Education Classrooms.

Jo Heins: BESIC, 1 iPad Mini and splitter for Centers for ELA (English & Language Arts) and Math in her 4th grade classroom.

Jessica Iverson & Jessica Barker: BESIC, a MimioTeach and projector for use in the Speech and Language classes to provide differentiated instruction.

Lori Lampe: BHS, to assist in incorporating the iPad Initiative she was awarded an Apple TV and an HDMI to VGA adapter.

Matt Nason: BESPC, to enhance instruction with My Math in the K-2 classrooms, he was awarded a MimioTeach.

Nancy Parr: BESIC, 1 iPad Mini and gel case for students to write and produce instructional videos in the 4th grade classroom.

Rachelle Patterson: BJHS, 2 Canon FS400 Video Cameras, a Sunpak Tripod and a Quick Release Platform for Studio 110 Productions and Multimedia Communications.

Danita Price: BESIC, 1 iPad Mini, case and adapter for More Learning at the Touch of our Hands in the 4th grade classroom.

Stephanie Ramirez: BESPC, to improve Reading Fluency she was awarded 4 iPods and 1 iPad.

Jeanne Reese: BESPC, 1-32 GB iPad and case to collaborate in small groups in the special education classroom.

Stacy Smith: BHS, 2 Media Back Pack Kits for Broadcast Media classes to convert their iPad into a mobile studio platform.

Thanks to all who applied for an innovative technology grant.