Kansas Communities That Care

The Kansas Communities That Care survey is given to students in 6th, 8th, 10th and 12th grades with parental permission.   The KCTC student survey has been given in Kansas every year since 1994‐95. It provides information about Kansas youth substance use, bullying and safety as well as student‐teacher relationships and student involvement. It helps schools and communities get money for student and community prevention programs ‐ money that benefits students.  It is completely anonymous – no names or other personally identifiable information are collected ‐ students cannot be identified by their responses. It is very valuable to schools and communities to let them know what is working with youth and what areas need attention.  State and county data can be viewed at kctcdata.org. To view the questions, go to kctcdata.org and click View the survey.

Below you will find the At a Glance district information for the past several years.  We specifically use this information to inform our social/emotional education programs in the district.  This information has been used to propose the hiring of social workers and WRAP workers.  This information is also used countywide to to make Behavioral Health decisions for numerous organizations.

  KCTC 348 At A Glance 2022 (427.8 KiB)

  KCTC 348 At A Glance 2021 (427.4 KiB)

  KCTC 348 At A Glance 2020 (303.7 KiB)

  KCTC 348 At A Glance 2019 (305.1 KiB)