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What Is Kansas HealthWave?
HealthWave and HealthConnect are low cost or no cost health plans for Kansans. There are no exclusions for preexisting health conditions or deductibles to be met. Coverage includes medical, dental, mental, behavioral health, and substance abuse services:  it emphasizes preventing health problems through regular checkups, or minimizing their costs through early diagnosis.

Click here to go to the Kansas HealthWave portion of the Benefits.Gov website.  Scroll down towards the bottom of the page for the application.

Who Qualifies
You or your child may qualify for Kansas health insurance if he or she:
1) Is a Kansas Resident.
2) Is under the age of 19 (If 18, separate applications must be submitted).
3) Is a U.S. citizen or a documented non-U.S. citizen.
4) Meets the current income guidelines* listed on the application. See the section titled help with the application process

Some low income parents may also qualify for health coverage.

Student Accident Insurance

Optional, voluntary accident insurance is available.

Purchasing Information

2018-19 Student Insurance Brochure