USD 348 Employee Resources

Required Trainings for 2023-24

Staff required video trainings are available in Google Classroom. If you are unable to access the Classroom Course for this school year, please contact Drew Ising.

Business of Education Sites

AkitaBox – Submit tickets to  Maintenance or Technology
AptaFund – View your paycheck and submit eRequisitions
BoardDocs View Board Agendas, Minutes, Policies
eHallpass – Create and manage passes at the Junior High and High School, grades 6-12.
FrontLine – Leave and substitute requests for certified staff (formerly Aesop). 
Google Account – Mail, Calendar, Drive and more
Ion – Administrator Google login for student data reporting
PDP ToolBox – Professional Development tool for certified staff
PowerSchool – for Administrators
PowerSchool – for Teachers
PowerSchool Unified Talent Perform, Records,Recruit & Hire – Formerly TalentEd –  Payroll and human resources forms, including professional leave, college reimbursement, change of name/contact info, direct deposit, K-4, W-4, first report of injury for worker’s compensation, evaluations, and more.
BrightArrow User Guide (Teachers) – District Google login required
BrightArrow User Guide (Administrators and Office Staff) – District Google login required
Technology Tips for StaffDistrict Google login required
Time Clock  – Classified staff time clock

Curriculum Sites

Adobe Creative Cloud Express – Student and staff Google login to create social graphics, web pages, and video, grades 3-12
Canvas – Student and staff learning management system, grades 9-12
Clever – Student and staff single-sign-on solution. Many applications connected through Clever are automatically rostered through PowerSchool. Used in all grades.
Google Classroom – Student and staff learning management system, grades 3-8
HMH Ed – Teacher/Admin login to Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, grades K-12
HMH Student – Student Google login to Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, grades K-12
Kite Educator Portal – Teacher/Admin login to manage Kansas interim & state assessments, grades 3-11
Seesaw – Student and staff learning management system and family communication system, grades K-2. 
Xello –  Teacher/Admin Google login to college and career readiness site, grades 6-12

System Status Sites

Adobe status
Canvas status
Google Apps status
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt status
KITE (KAP) status
McGraw Hill status
Seesaw status
Zearn status
Lexia status 
FastBridge status
Clever status