USD 348 Employee Resources

Required Trainings for 2022-2023

Link coming soon for the 2022-23 school year. 

Business of Education Sites

AkitaBox – Submit tickets to  Maintenance or Technology
AptaFund – View your paycheck and submit eRequisitions
BoardDocs View Board Agendas, Minutes, Policies
eHallpass – Create and manage passes at the Junior High and High School, grades 6-12.
FrontLine – Leave and substitute requests for certified staff (formerly Aesop). 
Google Account – Mail, Calendar, Drive and more
Ion – Administrator Google login for student data reporting
PDP ToolBox – Professional Development tool for certified staff
PowerSchool – for Administrators
PowerSchool – for Teachers
PowerSchool Unified Talent Perform –  Evaluation instrument (formerly TalentEd)
PowerSchool Unified Talent Employee RecordsPayroll and human resources forms, including professional leave, college reimbursement, change of name/contact info, direct deposit, K-4, W-4, first report of injury for worker’s compensation, and more (formerly TalentEd)
Technology Tips for StaffDistrict Google login required
Time Clock  – Classified staff time clock

Curriculum Sites

Adobe Creative Cloud Express – Student and staff Google login to create social graphics, web pages, and video, grades 3-12
Canvas – Student and staff learning management system, grades 9-12
Clever – Student and staff single-sign-on solution. Many applications connected through Clever are automatically rostered through PowerSchool. Used in all grades.
Google Classroom – Student and staff learning management system, grades 3-8
HMH Ed – Teacher/Admin login to Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, grades K-12
HMH Student – Student Google login to Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, grades K-12
Kite Educator Portal – Teacher/Admin login to manage Kansas interim & state assessments, grades 3-11
Seesaw – Student and staff learning management system and family communication system, grades K-2. 
Xello –  Teacher/Admin Google login to college and career readiness site, grades 6-12

System Status Sites

Adobe status
Canvas status
Google Apps status
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt status
KITE (KAP) status
McGraw Hill status
Seesaw status
Zearn status
Lexia status 
FastBridge status
Clever status