School News

BESIC School Pledge (recited each morning after the Pledge of Allegiance)


Be responsible for my own actions

Encourage and show honor to others

Show respect to myself and those around me

Include honesty and trustworthiness in my daily actions

Continuously work hard and never give up.


Click to view or print a map of our pick-up lanes and traffic flow

  BESIC Pick-Up Traffic Flow Map (364.5 KiB)

**Changes to after school pick-up starting January 5, 2022



An opportunity to play outdoors at recess is beneficial to students.  As such, BESIC students will go outside for recess whenever the air temperature or real feel temperature is 20 degrees or higher.  Limited recess is allowable when the air temperature or real feel temperature is colder than 20 degrees but warmer than 10 degrees.  On these days, the building administrator will determine if the conditions are favorable for outdoor recess. 
Students are expected to go outside and should dress appropriately.


You can use the teacher/staff recognition form to recognize a member of our staff for a job well-done.  The recognition is done on-line and the staff member will receive the good news from his/her supervisor.  


The Kansas Board of Education adopted standard and procedures for schools on seclusion and restraint of students.  These are known as Emergency Safety Interventions.  A family guide to these guidelines can be downloaded below.

  Emergency Safety Interventions Family Guilde (1.0 MiB)

Each May during our awards ceremony, we recognize students for various accomplishments.  This ceremony is mainly designed to recognize our 5th graders as they transition to middle school.   Each of them will be receiving a “certificate of completion.”  This is not a 5th grade graduation, but rather a chance to recognize them for achieving one of many milestones along the way to high school graduation.

Our assembly will also honor students in other grades, but not all 3rd and 4th graders will be receiving awards.  Here are the awards that are given out.

Art Award – given by Mrs. Bessey to one overall art student of her choosing.  All students are eligible.

Library Awards – given by Mrs. Boyle to students who meet the criteria for the KU Reading Program.  Students in all 3 grades are eligible.

Math/Technology awards  – given by Mrs. Temple to students who have completed math fact fluency within given time frames.  For example – addition facts in under 1 minute.  These awards have been given at each of our monthly assemblies.  Awards also given for students who have completed certain levels of the keyboarding program.  Students in all grades are eligible.

Student Council – certificates are presented to all student council officers and representatives who served this school year.  Only active student council members in each grade are eligible.

Life Skills Service Award – Given by our special education life skills staff, this award recognizes students who have been part of helping these particular students.  Students in all grades are eligible.

Character In Action Award – this is the last installment of the monthly award that is given out in recognition for acts of service observed throughout the school.  Students are nominated by other students and our character council anonymously selects the recipients.  All students are eligible.

Attendance Award – given for students who have missed one day or less.  Only students who have met that criteria are eligible.

Presidential Academic Fitness Awards – given by 5th grade teachers – available for 5th graders only
Silver Academic Achievement – teacher discretion
Gold Academic Excellence – 4.0 grade average and a MAP Assessment RIT score of 220 in math or 215 in reading on the spring session.

Principal’s Bullpup Pride Award – recipients are selected by certified staff members and must demonstrate acts of kindness, compassion for others, unselfishness.  All students are eligible.

5th grade completion certificates – given to all 5th graders who have met the requirements of 5th grade.