School News

BESIC School Pledge (recited each morning after the Pledge of Allegiance)


Be responsible for my own actions

Encourage and show honor to others

Show respect to myself and those around me

Include honesty and trustworthiness in my daily actions

Continuously work hard and never give up.


Click to view or print a map of our pick-up lanes and traffic flow

  BESIC Pick-Up Traffic Flow Map (364.6 KiB)



An opportunity to play outdoors at recess is beneficial to students.  As such, BESIC students will go outside for recess whenever the air temperature or real feel temperature is 20 degrees or higher.  Limited recess is allowable when the air temperature or real feel temperature is colder than 20 degrees but warmer than 10 degrees.  On these days, the building administrator will determine if the conditions are favorable for outdoor recess. 
Students are expected to go outside and should dress appropriately.


You can use the teacher/staff recognition form to recognize a member of our staff for a job well-done.  The recognition is done on-line and the staff member will receive the good news from his/her supervisor.  


The Kansas Board of Education adopted standard and procedures for schools on seclusion and restraint of students.  These are known as Emergency Safety Interventions.  A family guide to these guidelines can be downloaded below.