Phone Number: 785-594-2446

McKenzie Austen

SPED Teacher

Picture of Michel Bonham

Michel Bonham

Social Worker
Ext 403

Picture of Jill Boyle

Jill Boyle

Non-Certified Teacher Aide
Ext 408

Picture of Chelsea Bradbury

Chelsea Bradbury

Third Grade Teacher
Ext 438

Picture of Rachel Braga

Rachel Braga

SPED Teacher

Picture of Brenda Burgoon

Brenda Burgoon


Ashley Byrd

Classified Teacher Aide

Picture of Connie Cain

Connie Cain


Picture of Monica Chase

Monica Chase


Picture of Anita Curry

Anita Curry

Food and Nutrition

Picture of Hannah Eldridge

Hannah Eldridge


Picture of Rachel Fischer

Rachel Fischer

Fourth Grade Teacher
Ext 409

Picture of Desiree Franke

Desiree Franke


Picture of Catherine Glass

Catherine Glass

Food Service Worker

Picture of Michelle Harris

Michelle Harris

Art Instructor

Picture of Jim Hart

Jim Hart

Head Custodian

Picture of Jo Heins

Jo Heins

Third Grade Teacher
Ext 440

Picture of Justin Hoffman

Justin Hoffman

Fourth Grade Teacher
Ext 424

Picture of Bailie Hughes

Bailie Hughes

5th Grade Teacher
Ext 442

Picture of Katrina Jacobsen

Katrina Jacobsen

Music Instructor
Ext 433

Picture of Karena Jenkins

Karena Jenkins


Picture of Anthony Jones

Anthony Jones

IRR Teacher

Picture of Charlee Juett

Charlee Juett

Food Service Manager

Picture of Randee Kallas

Randee Kallas

Third Grade Teacher
Ext 441

Picture of Patricia Lenning

Patricia Lenning

Extended Learning Instructor
Ext 345

Picture of Josephine Luther

Josephine Luther

Math Facilitator
Ext 431

Picture of Kristin Michael

Kristin Michael

Fifth Grade Teacher
Ext 425

Raeanna Miller


Picture of Alison Neis

Alison Neis

Fifth Grade Teacher
Ext 427

Picture of Sarah Niileksela

Sarah Niileksela

Music Therapy

Picture of Elizabeth Overmyer

Elizabeth Overmyer

Health Services Assistant

Picture of Michelle Owen

Michelle Owen


Picture of Lisa Pattrick

Lisa Pattrick

District Nurse
Ext 407


Fayth Peterson

Elementary Instructor

Kelly Reimer

Physical Education Teacher
Ext 406

Picture of Emily Schoenfeld

Emily Schoenfeld

Ext 404

Picture of Debbie Shaffar

Debbie Shaffar


Picture of Staci Simpson

Staci Simpson


Picture of Stephanie Soden

Stephanie Soden

Speech & Language Pathologist
Ext 452

Picture of Dee Steinbach

Dee Steinbach

Occupational Therapist
Ext 552

Picture ofJ ennie Stewart

Jennie Stewart

Fifth Grade Teacher
Ext 426

Picture of Skylar Tillman

Skylar Tillman


Picture of Dan Wallsmith

Dan Wallsmith


Picture of Jean Widener

Jean Widener

Third Grade Teacher
Ext 439

Picture of Casey Wright

Casey Wright

Fourth Grade Teacher
Ext 429