Early Childhood Application and Screening

The Early Childhood Program offered at Baldwin Elementary School is designed to meet the needs of all three and four year olds.  There is one all day class for qualifying 4 year olds (limited to 20 students); all other Early Childhood Program classes are half day.  There is no enrollment fee for this program; milk and/or transportation fees may be applicable.  Spots are reserved in the order the completed applications are received with priority given to child qualifying for an IEP and at-risk students.  All students must participate in a developmental screening before enrolling.  
Per health and safety guidance, the BESPC Early Childhood Screening has been digitized. The Google Form link below now serves as the application and screening process for our Early Childhood program.
The form and the two questionnaire links included in Section 4 will need to be submitted no later than the last day of each month (i.e. if you submit your application and questionnaires by 8/31/2020, then you will be contacted no later than 09/04/2020).
*Applications and questionnaires that are submitted after the 1st of each month will be reviewed during the next month/screening period.
You will be contacted on the Friday that follows the 1st of the month to determine if any additional screening information is needed. If additional information is needed, guardians will be contacted by an ECH team member to collect additional data. If no additional information is needed after the screening process, guardians will be directed to contact the office for enrollment