Phone Number: 785-594-2725

Picture of Sunny Allen

Sunny Allen

Communication Arts Instructor
Ext 241

Picture of Jim Ashcraft

Jim Ashcraft

Science Instructor
Ext 260

Picture of Danielle Balsman

Danielle Balsman

Math Instructor
Ext 255

Picture of Ginny Barnard

Ginny Barnard

Family and Consumer Sciences Instructor
Ext 235

Picture of Bronte Batman

Bronté Batman

Career and Technology Instructor
Ext 251

Picture of Donald Blanchat

Donald Blanchat

Social Studies Instructor
Ext 237

Emma Brann

Student Success Teacher

Picture of Terry Braun

Terry Braun


Picture of Chad Brecheisen

Chad Brecheisen

Assistant Principal

Picture of Brant Brittingham,

Brant Brittingham


Picture of Mary Brittingham

Mary Brittingham

Attendance Secretary
Ext 201

Picture of Belinda Brown

Belinda Brown

Food Service

Picture of Randi Canterbury

Randi Canterbury

Communication Arts Instructor
Ext 262

Picture of Jacquelyne Chappell

Jacquelyne Chappell

Food Service

Brayden Conaway


Picture of Jeffrey Cullins

Jeffrey Cullins

Social Studies
Ext 238

Picture of Michael Curran

Michael Curran

Math Instructor
Ext 254

Picture of Jeremy Dalton

Jeremy Dalton

Special Education Instructor
Ext 267

Picture of Pam Davis

Pam Davis

Extended Learning Coordinator

Picture of Jill DeAno

Jill DeAno

BHS/BJHS Bridges

Picture of Gayle Dempsey

Gayle Dempsey


Picture of Heidi Dubois

Heidi Dubois

School Psychologist
Ext 213

Picture of Richard Ehinger

Richard Ehinger

Teacher Aide
Ext 209

Picture of Tami Estes

Tami Estes

Counseling Secretary/Registrar
Ext 200

Picture of Caroline Flory

Caroline Flory


Picture of Kymberlee Garcia

Kymberlee Garcia

Math Instructor
Ext 267

Caroline Guidry

BHS Accompanist

Picture of Thomas Harman

Thomas Harman

Industrial Tech Instructor
Ext 247

Picture of Kit Harris

Kit Harris

Communication Arts Instructor
Ext 240

Picture of Reginald Harris

Reginald Harris

Ext 211

Picture of Lisa Hodges

Lisa Hodges

Health Services Assstant

Picture of Courtney Holder

Courtney Holder


Picture of Andrew Ising

Andrew Ising

Tech Integration / Biology Instructor
Ext 106

Picture of Katrina Jacobsen

Katrina Jacobsen

Music Instructor
Ext 431

Picture of Danielle Jehle

Danielle Jehle

WRAP Social Worker
Ext 216

Picture of Lori Lampe

Lori Lampe

Math Instructor
Ext 252

Picture of Robert Lisher

Robert Lisher

PE/Football/summer conditioning
Ext 245

Picture of Amanda Lyman

Amanda Lyman

9-12 Science Instructor
Ext 259

Picture of Lori Markley

Lori Markley

Speech/Language Pathologist
Ext 310

Picture of Katie Marten

Katie Marten

Spanish Instructor
Ext 230

Picture of Madison Martin

Madison Martin


Picture of Robert Martin

Robert Martin

Social Studies Instructor
Ext 239

Picture of Kathryn Maschke

Kathryn Maschke

SPED Instructor
Ext 265

Picture of Stacy McDaniels

Stacy McDaniels

Ext 202

Picture of Taylor McEachron

Taylor McEachron


Picture of Jose Medrano

Jose Medrano

Biology/Integrated Science Instructor
Ext 257

Picture of Jess Melcher

Jeff Melcher

SPED Instructor
Ext 266

Picture of Valerie Merriman

Valerie Merriman

SPED Social Worker

Picture of Karen Moreau

Karen Moreau

French/Spanish Instructor
Ext 231

Picture of Rachel Naughtin

Rachel Naughtin

Vocal Music Instructor
Ext 350

Picture of Aaron Nickelson

Aaron Nickelson

Life Skills Instructor
Ext 266

Picture of Sarah Niileksela

Sarah Niileksela

Music Therapy

Picture of Cydney Novotney

Cydney Novotney

Social Worker
Ext 213

Picture of Stuart O'Neil

Stuart O’Neil

Ext 243

Picture of Lisa Pattrick

Lisa Pattrick

District Nurse
Ext 212

Picture of Ryan Pruitt

Ryan Pruitt

Head Custodian
Ext 311

Picture of Andrea Reece

Andrea Reece

Behavior Specialist

Picture of Hailey Schoendaller

Hailey Schoendaller

Communication Arts Instructor
Ext 253

Picture of Michael Spielman

Michael Spielman

Math Instructor
Ext 256

Picture of Katy Staatz

Katy Staatz


Picture of Dee Steinbach

Dee Steinbach

Occupational Therapist
Ext 552

Picture of David Stephens

David Stephens

Communication Arts Instructor
Ext 261

Picture of Gary Stevanus

Gary Stevanus

K-12 Activities Director
Ext 215

Picture of Sheila Vander Tuig

Sheila Vander Tuig

Vocational Coordinator

Picture of Gentry Wade

Gentry Wade

Physical Education Instructor
Ext 244

Picture of Becky Weaver

Becky Weaver

Art Instructor
Ext 233

Picture of Autumn Weiss

Autumn Weiss

Ext 210

Picture of Clifford Wilhite

Clifford Wilhite


Picture of Tyler Wolf

Tyler Wolf

Career and Technology Instructor
Ext 250

Picture of Carolyn Woltje

Carolyn Woltje

Cold Prep Coordinator

Picture of David Yoo

David Yoo

Science Instructor
Ext 258