District Transfer Information

Baldwin City USD 348 accepts out of district transfer requests in compliance with district policy JBCC as stated below.  Determinations may be delayed until the start of school.  Administrators are cautious not to overcrowd the classroom.  Parents/guardians will be notified via email once a determination has been made.  An Out of District Transfer Request must be submitted every year.  Any attempt by the student, parents or guardian to falsify any information to bypass the approval process will mean an automatic disqualification of enrollment.   Please read the policy before contacting the school.


To submit an Out of District Transfer Request, please click here.


Policy JBCC – Nonresident Students (Amended 04/2017)
Non-resident students who are permitted to attend the District must satisfy the following criteria:

A.  The student (or parent/guardian) must submit an Out of District Transfer Request form located on the District website, including reasons for the transfer request before the student’s first attendance year in the District. Thereafter, a District transfer request form must be submitted for each succeeding year of desired attendance. The Building Principal will consider the request. The student (or parent/guardian) will be informed by written and/or electronic notification of the approval or denial.

B.  Admittance will not be made if facilities or classes are deemed to be overcrowded.

C.  The student must be in good standing in the previous District. If the student is presently under suspension or expulsion, we will not accept them as a student.

D.  Out of District transportation will not be provided nor will mileage be paid for private transportation. If adequate seating is available, students may be transported if they meet the bus at the nearest in-District bus stop. Out of district students who use district transportation will pay the transportation fee.

E.  No tuition will be assessed non-resident students who are allowed to enroll in USD 348 if they attend school in the District by September 20 (official enrollment date) of each school year. Applicable fees will apply.

F.  Those students accepted will be subject to a building-level review annually to determine acceptance for the following school year.

G.  In the annual review, the following items will be considered to determine continued enrollment:

a.  Attendance
b.  Disciplinary record
c.  Citizenship
d.  Academic progress toward graduation

H. Students will attend the grade level assigned by the District.

I. Any attempt by the student, parents or guardians to falsify any information to bypass the approval process will mean an automatic disqualification of enrollment.

Remember to be considered an in-district student the student must be residing with a parent or guardian (sleeping and living) at a residence within the district boundaries.