Phone Number: 785-594-2448

Picture of Jesse Austin

Jesse Austin

Physical Education Instructor
Ext 267

Picture of Erik Bailey

Erik Bailey

Social Studies Instructor
Ext 344

Picture of Rhonda Black

Rhonda Black


Picture of Derek Bland

Derek Bland


Picture of Kasey Bossard

Kasey Bossard

Secondary Social Worker
Ext 304

Picture of Christi Brewster

Christi Brewster


Picture of Alyssa Buckland

Alyssa Buckland

Art Instructor
Ext 353

Picture of Eric Burrows

Eric Burrows

SPED Instructor
Ext 340

Picture of Tracy Cannon Saavedra

Tracy Cannon Saavedra

Student Success Instructor
Ext 333

Picture of Jaqueline Chappell

Jaqueline Chappell

Food and Nutrition

Picture of Hannah Clark

Hannah Clark

6th Grade Science Instructor
Ext 312

Picture of Ryan Cox

Ryan Cox

Math Instructor
Ext 331

Picture of Bench Currie

Bench Currie

Assistant Principal/JH Athletics and Activities Director
Ext 312

Picture of Bari Deardorff

Bari Deardorff

Life Skills 6-8 Instructor
Ext 347

Picture of Heidi Dubois

Heidi Dubois

School Psychologist
Ext 308

Picture of Crystal Engemann

Crystal Engemann

Physical Education Instructor
Ext 355

Picture of Kelly Evans

Kelly Evans

Reading Instructor
Ext 331

Picture of Carley Fairbanks

Carley Fairbanks

Ext 302

Picture of Patty Flory-Evans

Patty Flory-Evans

Seventh Grade Language Arts Instructor
Ext 343

Picture of Cindy Foster

Cindy Foster


Picture of Catherine Glass

Catherine Glass

Food and Nutrition

Picture of Thomas Harman

Thomas Harman

Industrial Tech Instructor
Ext 247

Picture of Lisa Hodges

Lisa Hodges

Health Services Assistant

Picture of Carlee Holloway

Carlee Holloway

School Counselor
Ext 303

Picture of Macy Hoskinson

Macy Hoskinson

Agricultural Sciences Instructor
Ext 356

Picture of Patty Irick

Patty Irick


Picture of Sarah Johnson

Sarah Johnson

6th Grade Language Arts Instructor
Ext 334

Picture of Patricia Lenning

Patricia Lenning

Extended Learning Instructor
Ext 345

Picture of Misy Loftus

Misty Loftus

Food and Nutrition

Picture of Makenna Longacre

Mackenna Longacre

Para Educator

Picture of Lori Markley

Lori Markley

Speech/Language Pathologist
Ext 310

Picture of Andrew McClure

Andrew McClure

Seventh Grade Science Instructor
Ext 352

Picture of Matthew McCune

Matthew McCune

Technology Instructor
Ext 336

Picture of Deborah McKinney

Deborah McKinney

Math Instructor
Ext 332

Picture of Kyra Moore

Kyra Moore

WRAP Social Worker
Ext 317

Picture of Rachel Naughtin

Rachel Naughtin

Vocal Music Instructor
Ext 350

Picture of Stuart O'Neil

Stuart O’Neil

Band Instructor
Ext 349

Picture of Lisa Pattrick

Lisa Pattrick

District Nurse
Ext 306

Picture of Ryan Pruitt

Ryan Pruitt

Head Custodian
Ext 311

Picture of Jennifer Ramirez

Jennifer Ramirez

IRR Sixth Instructor
Ext 330

Picture of Trisha Rood

Trisha Rood


Picture of Chad Scoby

Chad Scoby

7th Grade Math Instructor
Ext 342

Picture of Katey Staatz

Katey Staatz


Picture of John Stefanik

John Stefanik


Picture of Crystal Stuart

Crystal Stuart


Picture of Wendy Swartz

Wendy Swartz

Certified Teacher Aide/Library Aide

Picture of Eric Toot

Eric Toot

7th Grade Social Studies Instructor
Ext 351

Picture of Jessica Tyler

Jessica Tyler

Para Educator

Picture of Samuel Vasquez

Samuel Vasquez

8th Grade Social Studies Instructor
Ext 338

Picture of Amanda Voth

Amanda Voth

Technology & Business Instructor
Ext 348

Picture of Troy Webb

Troy Webb

Eighth Grade Science Instructor
Ext 346

Katy Wegener

Language Arts Instructor
Ext 337

Picture of Becky White

Becky White

Ext 302

Picture of Clifford Wilhite

Clifford Wilhite


Picture of Jeffrey Wilkerson

Jeffrey Wilkerson

Special Education Instructor
Ext 341

Picture of Clara Wilson

Clara Wilson


Picture of Carolyn Woltje

Carolyn Woltjie

Food and Nutrition

Picture of Tavius Woodall

Tavius Woodall

Para Educator