Our school day officially starts at 8:05 and ends at 3:17.  Students may begin arriving and are allowed in to the school at 7:30 for breakfast or to wait in the gym.  All students are allowed to enter classrooms at 7:55.

Specials and lunch schedule for the current school year.

  2018-19 Specials Schedule (66.7 KiB)

  2018-19 Lunch Schedule (51.6 KiB)

Master schedule of when each subject area is taught.

  Master Schedule 2018-2019 (56.3 KiB)

Recess schedule.

3rd grade AM 9:30-9:50  PM 1:10-1:40

4th grade AM  10:00-10:20  PM 1:40-2:00

5th grade AM 10:40-11:00  PM 2:10-2:30