Salary & Benefits

Certified Salary Schedule

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Classified Salary Schedule

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Qualifying USD 348 employees are eligible for the benefits listed below.  For more information on employee benefits please contact Linda Elliott at

Advance Life Insurance of Kansas

A board paid life insurance benefit for qualifying staff members with coverage up to $10,000.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas

The district belongs to the Greenbush Consortium that provides health care for many districts across Kansas. Health insurance is available to qualifying staff members. The board pays the employee only premium for full time staff and prorated premium for part time employees. Employees may choose a higher plan and/or add family members and pay additional premium. Insurance is effective the first day of the month following the hire date or qualifying event.

Benefits Direct Section 125 Benefits

Benefits Direct is the district’s representative for many section 125 benefits. You may visit or call 877-523-0176 to learn more of what is offered. The employee may choose coverage for themselves as well as other family members.

KPERS – Kansas Public Employees Retirement System

For more information visit the KPERS website.