Any student wishing to participate in an interscholastic athletic program must submit these four forms before beginning to practice.

Forms are available as a packet or individually below.

  Student Athlete Paperwork Packet 2023-2024 (505.4 KiB)

Preparticipation Physical Form

Each student participating in athletics is required to have a physical examination.  To be valid, the physical examination must take place after May 1 of the year proceeding the student’s participation.  It must be signed by the examining physician, student and parent to be valid.

  Physical Form 2023-2024 (396.8 KiB)

Treatment Release  Form

This form has three sections:

1.  Permission for both USD 348 and emergency personnel to provide medical treatment to your son/daughter until a time when you can be reached.

2.  Acceptance of Risk, outlining that injuries (ranging in severity) are a risk of participating in athletics.

3.  Medical Information Release, which allows the sports medicine staff to discuss injuries with coaches, school administration and physicians as needed.

This form MUST BE NOTARIZED to be valid.

  Treatment Release Form 2023-2024 (58.7 KiB)

Head Injury Information Form

Kansas Law requires that this form be filled out and signed each year.  It describes the signs and symptoms of concussions along with basic treatment and return-to-play guidelines.

  Head Injury Information 2023-2024 (182.7 KiB)